Deus ex Machina (sugarbeet) wrote in tc_thriftstore,
Deus ex Machina

Double (Full size) bed with Shabby Chic headboard

I have a Double bed for sale with a Shabby Chic headboard. The headboard is in great shape and is all wood with some nice carvings. It is currently painted a lavender color, but you can easily paint it any color you want to match your decor.

The bed is in excellent condition and comes with the mattress, the box spring and a metal frame that bolts up to the headboard. The bed was bought less than 5 years for use only as a guest bed. I paid about $500 for the bed, not counting the headboard. The bed had been stored in my basement for about 2 years under a dust cover, so it actually has very little use. It has only been kept in a smoke free environment and had no stains or mildew smell.

I am asking just $250.00 or best offer for everything. Cash only please. I am only willing to sell everything as a set. Please reply via e-mail if you are interested or have any questions. Delivery can be arranged to anywhere in the Metro area.

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